Orthopedic Treatments

Pain management

Experiencing pain in any part of the body can be quite frustrating and enervating. It often interferes with a person’s daily activities, including work, sleep, and play. Pain management at Vital Medical helps relieve pain so that you can go about your daily activities with ease. Our well-trained professionals use the very best techniques and equipment to give our customers exceptional pain treatment.

Joint reconstruction

Accidents and injuries that damage the joints might require surgical procedures to repair and restore full function to a given joint. Joint reconstruction surgical procedures are very delicate and need experienced surgeons to safely and efficiently carry out the procedure. Vital Medical of Forest Hills top-class surgeons ensures your joints become as good as new.

Sport injuries

Whether it involves contact or not, most sports players are at risk of getting injuries. These injuries can occur while engaging in the sport or during exercise. Research shows that over 2 million players experience some sort of injury during the course of the year. While some sports injuries cannot be prevented, having expert medical sports practitioners like those at Vital Medical can prevent sports injuries and allow you to do what you love.

Wrist and hand

The wrist and hand are vital parts of the human body and are involved in people’s daily activities. However, injuries or other factors such as arthritis and trigger finger can cause pain in these parts. Using specialized doctors at Vital Medical can help relieve any pain you might be experiencing.

Foot and ankle

Mild or chronic foot and ankle pain can prevent individuals from performing their normal daily activities. Although ankle pains are common with older people, young people also experience them. The board-certified doctors at Vital Medical of Forest Hills are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating any foot or ankle injury. No matter the type or severity of the injury, our team of expert doctors, will ensure you return to your normal lifestyle in no time at all.


The shoulder is a joint that helps with the mobility of the arms. It is an important part of the body. Top-notch Vital Medical doctors help to keep the shoulder functioning properly by using the best practices available. Issues like a dislocated shoulder, loose shoulder, shoulder osteoarthritis, and other shoulder related problems are treated with ease.


The elbow is a free movable joint whose function is to flex and extend the arm. Our exceptional vital Medical doctors help prevent and cure problems such as fracture, dislocation, tendonitis, and arthritis by giving adequate advice, diagnosing, and giving the best treatment.


The spinal cord and intrinsic and extrinsic muscles make up the back. It is one of the most important parts of the body, and if not taken proper care of illnesses such as a lumbar disc herniation or degenerative disc disease, fractures: osteoporotic fracture or osteoarthritis can occur. Top-notch vital medical doctors will give adequate care, treatment, and diagnoses.

Non-surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures are procedures that do not involve going under the knife. Many health issues can be cured or managed without the patient going through surgery. It is essential that even when using non-surgical methods, the patient can overcome whatever health issue he or she has—vital Medical doctors using cutting-edge techniques to give patients the very best treatment.

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At Vital Medical, we offer the best professional orthopedic care services in a manner that is tailor-made for every patient. Our staff comprises of highly trained and skilled experts in the orthopedic field with lots of years of experience.


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